Development of the project

The installation of clean rooms has been completed

The installation of cyclotron vault door has been finished

Cyclotron has been rigged into its permanent location—cyclotron vault

Cyclotron delivered to Riga

The State Education Development Agency perform inspection on the location of the project site

Cyclotron production Company’s IBA S.A engineers visit in Riga

The project realization site

Bombs shelter

Beginning the demolition of the existing building

Meeting of the laboratory building construction project working group

Demolition of the existing building

Cyclotron delivered to Riga

According to contract signed in June 2013, in the factory of Ion Beam Applications, S.A. (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) cyclotron for the use of “Nuclear Medicine Centre”, Ltd was manufactured. This device ...

Actual procurements

 Procurement procedure is not open in this  moment