The installation of clean rooms has been completed

The construction of "Nuclear Medicine Centre", Ltd laboratory building has been completed, and the installation and testing of various technological equipment and systems are being carried out.

During the last days of August the works to install GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant clean rooms in the NMC laboratory building were finished.

GMP, which is an international standard, includes a set of regulations, rules and norms applicable to the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products and other active ingredients. The GMP system dictates the parameters for each step of manufacture and sets the minimum requirements for the manufacturers to ensure production of high quality product which does not pose any risk for the consumer or for the public. Unlike the procedure of random sample quality control to assure the quality of specific product batch, GMP standards reflects an unified quality system, regulates and assess the parameters of production and laboratory diagnostics.

GMP compliant clean rooms for NMC laboratory building were designed, manufactured and installed by G.M.Project s.r.o. (Czech Republic) in cooperation with the engineers and technical specialists of GEA Heat Exchangers a.s. (Czech Republic). After the installation, the tuning and testing of clean room equipment has started.

Ciklotrona bunkura durvis piegādātas Rīgā

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