Contract for the supply of protective door

In the framework of the European Regional Development Fond’s co-financed project “Scientific research Centre for development of radionuclide and positron emission tomography technology”, on 28 November 2013 was concluded a supply contract between ”Nuclear medicine Centre” Ltd (NMC) and Team Sinergie S.p.A. (Italy) who was declared the winner of NMC in the procurement procedure “Supply of cyclotron bunker door” (identification no. NMC/2013/8/ERAF).

In the framework of the contract, Team Sinergie S.p.A. undertakes to carry out a cyclotron bunker door produce and deliver its project site at Mārupes street 19, k-1, Riga, eighteen weeks after approval the working drawing of door project.

Uzsākta Nukleārās medicīnas centra laboratorijas ēkas rekonstrukcija

2014.gada 14.augustā veiksmīgi noslēdzas iepirkuma procedūra „SIA „Nukleārās medicīnas centrs” laboratorijas ēkas rekonstrukcija” (identifikācijas Nr. NMC/2014/4/ERAF). Par iepirkuma procedūras uzvarētāju tika atzīta būvfirma SIA „ABORA” ar kuru 2014.gada 20.augustā tika ...

Actual procurements

 Procurement procedure is not open in this  moment