The State Education Development Agency (SEDA, Latvian – VIAA) perform inspection on the location of the project site

Implementation of the „Nuclear Medicine Centre”, Ltd project “Scientific research centre for development of radionuclide and positron emission tomography technology” is in progress.

According to the concluded contract (29 May 2012) between the State Education Development Agency (SEDA), on 21 November 2014 the SEDA conducted a selective inspection in the project realization site.

Aim of the inspection was the acquaintance with project progress and implementation of the project compliance according to the concluded contract.

The Inspection conducted by functionaries from SEDA Infrastructure Project Monitoring Unit but from NMC take part and answered to questions - Vitālijs Skrīvelis, the Chairman of the NMC, and Jāzeps Malnačs, the Technical Director of the NMC.

SEDA functionaries acquainted with actual situation, project documentation and interviewed the participating representatives from NMC. According to the result of inspection will be prepared the conclusion and presented to the 'Nuclear Medical Center ", Ltd.

Turpinās SIA „Nukleārās medicīnas centrs” laboratorijas ēkas būvniecība

2014. gada septembrī tika uzsākta SIA „Nukleārās medicīnas centrs” laboratorijas ēkas būvniecība.  Laboratorijas ēka atrodas Mārupes ielā 19, Rīgā, bijušā padomju militārā objekta – arsenāla teritorijā. Ēkas kopējā platība ir ...

News of procurements

Concluded contract about delivery of the Medium energy cyclotron, its facilities, the equipment and tools On 28 June 2013 was concluded supply contract between „Nuclear Medicine Centre”, Ltd (NMC) and ...